United Way of San Juan County

Meeting vital needs in our community since 1995

What We Do

Mission: to enhance the ability of local agencies to meet vital needs of our community. 

There are many small local programs that work hard to make our community a better place. They provide early childhood education, prevention services to at-risk children and youth, provide assistance to elderly and disabled people, allowing them to stay independent and provide resources to families in need. We have been measuring the results of these programs since 1995, and it is a proven fact that they help people in our community succeed, providing help where other resources are just not available.

These programs spend most of their time providing services to the people who need them, not in fundraising. Many grant-making agencies, both public and private, don't fund small programs or don't fund continuing programs. Many are more interested in funding start-ups with the aim of eventual self-sufficiency. In contrast, the programs we support generally help people who are financially unable to pay for the full value of the services they receive: children, lower-income families, the elderly, the disabled. Many clients find success and financial self-sufficiency as a result of these programs. The programs continue to need ongoing support, however, because new children, young families and other clients also need these vital services. Each year, there is a significant gap between local need and available funding, and it is difficult to keep people from falling through the cracks.

So why give to United Way, specifically? There are several advantages:

Our community is a great place. People here believe in helping, especially locally. It is very important that each and every one of us contribute what we can each year. It makes a huge difference!