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Supported Programs

PIP programs help kids do better in school.Thirty-One vital programs are funded in 2015, administered by non-profit agencies countywide. Each program is described below. Focus areas include:

  • Early childhood education
  • Primary Intervention Programs (PIP)
  • Other youth prevention programs and mentoring
  • Family support
  • Services for the elderly and disabled
  • Other community resources.

Why are these programs so important? Read real stories from our supported programs.

Early Childhood Education:

Kaleidoscope provides safe, affordable, high-quality, consistent preschool and childcare services to Orcas Island families. They are the only childcare center that provides these services for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children Monday-Friday, 7:30am-6pm, year-round. Kaleidoscope keeps families working, in so many ways!

LCC's Play and Learn program is the only licensed childcare program on Lopez Island. They offer quality year-round, full and part-day child care for 2–6-year-olds. They are known for well-trained teachers, a safe, stimulating, welcoming environment, and low adult/child ratios.  

Dedicated to providing an exceptional early learning environment for young children, they incorporate a play-based curriculum for toddlers and preschool children which fosters their cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development. Experiential learning in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment creates the foundation for life-long success.

Orcas Montessori School, serving Orcas Island preschool aged children since 1987, offers one of the world’s highly respected educational methods. Based on a deep respect for the young child’s tremendous curiosity, compassion and thirst for learning, Montessori educational principles support their discovery of the world around them and their place in it.   

Primary Intervention Programs (PIP)

P.I.P. (Special Pal Program) at Friday Harbor Elementary School works with K-3rd-grade students helping them be ready to learn by providing them the opportunity to “play-out” worries and feelings.  An accepting relationship with a special pal during difficult times can provide the encouragement children need to discover their strengths, learn self-control, and how to make responsible choices. 

The Primary Intervention Program (PIP) is a school-based early intervention prevention program providing individual child-directed play sessions with the guidance of a specially trained Child Development Specialist.  Children meet weekly for 30-45 minutes during the school day in the specially designed playroom on the Head Start site.

7. Orcas Island School District, Primary Intervention Program (PIP)

The Primary Intervention Program serves primary aged children, who have been identified as being “at-risk” of academic and/or social failure.  Identified children receive individual attention with a trained adult in a safe and nurturing environment on a weekly basis. Children develop resilient behaviors such as self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

The Primary Intervention Program is an early intervention and prevention program designed to enhance school-related competencies, enhance social & emotional growth and reduce school adjustment difficulties. It is designed to help children feel positive about their school environment and enhance their (emotional, behavioral or social) development by early intervention.

Youth Prevention Programs:
9. San Juan County 4-H (Countywide)

The San Juan 4H Leader’s Council is a group of 4-H Leaders that meet to develop and guide the San Juan County 4-H program. It is the mission of the Leader’s Council to provide opportunities for youth to gain experiences through the 4-H program Teen and Leadership events. 

10. Friday Harbor Elementary After School Study Club

After School Study Club helps students improve school success by providing them a place to complete homework. Study Club is offered three days per week. There is a coordinator and an assistant to help students one-on-one, as well as student tutors from the high school.

11. Friday Harbor Middle School After School Study Club
After School Study Club’s (ASSC) goal is to improve academic outcomes for youth. ASSC provides a supervised space for completing homework and connecting with teachers for help.   Another goal is to provide youth with productive ways to use their out-of-school time and, thus, reduce their opportunity for risk-taking behaviors.  
12. The Funhouse Mentor Program 
The Funhouse Mentor Program connects Orcas Island youth with caring non-parental adults, through 1-on-1, group, and project-based matches, to promote affirming peer and adult relationships and positive youth development, such as gains in self-efficacy, skill building, increased positive health behaviors, and greater achievement in school.
13. Kids Summer Workshops (Lopez Island Family Resource Center)

Lopez Summer Workshops began seventeen years ago as a prevention program due to the need for summer programs for the youth on Lopez Island. Last summer the Lopez Island Family Resource Center (LIFRC) offered 74 workshops and enrolled 346 individuals in the various workshops.

14. Lopez Island Conservation Corps Youth Summer Crew

With the natural world as our backdrop, LICC provides youth with positive work experiences, development of job skills, a sense of personal responsibility, and opportunities for leadership and teamwork. Community service projects and environmental education lessons introduce stewardship, botany, marine ecology, and hands-on skills in an experiential way.

 15. Lopez Mentor (Lopez Island Family Resource Center)

A community/school based partnership, matching students with community volunteers who want to assist youth on Lopez become more successful. The program provides structured one-to-one relationships that focus on the needs of the mentored participants, fosters caring and supportive relationships and encourages individuals to develop to their fullest potential in school and in the community.

A community-based program that matches caring adults with youth ages 8 through 15. Mentors meet with their individually matched mentees for two or more hours a week, providing quality recreational time, one-on-one listening and positive role-modeling as they help children build confidence and feel supported.

 17. Pre-School to Kindergarten Transitions (San Juan Island Family Resource Center)

Pre-K Transitions is an outreach effort to assess school readiness of children entering kindergarten, providing individual and family support during the summer months prior to the child’s entry into Kindergarten, and sponsoring school-based events that welcome new kindergarten families to the public school setting.

The SJI Readiness to Learn Program addresses the non-academic barriers to learning that occur in families with children at risk of school failure. The program assists students and families in achieving their highest learning potential and becoming productive community members. 

19. San Juan Prevention Coalition Challenge Program

Challenge programs support youth to work through real-life issues through metaphorical simulations requiring critical thinking, problem solving, communication and decision-making. Participants reflect upon themselves, gaining insights on how individual and group behaviors help or hinder the achievement of personal and/or team goals, ultimately developing essential skills in making healthy choices. 

20. San Juan Island EMT Every 15 Minutes Program  

Every 15 Minutes is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions. 

Family Support:

This program combines both resources and referrals, encompassing a number of our in-house programs, AND connecting clients with outside programs and resources. They connect people to local, state, and federal resources, helping them navigate processes that can be overwhelming without guidance.  Our mutual goal is to be there for families and children in every way possible.

The Resource Center for Orcas Island, OFC offers support for all families and individuals through a variety of collaborative programs.  By partnering with numerous state and local agencies, OFC is able to provide an extremely broad range of vital services to meet a variety of needs. 

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center’s Family Support Program provides services that build healthy, resilient children and families.  The program focuses on ensuring basic family needs are met, building positive parenting skills, preventing child abuse/neglect and providing opportunities for young families to connect and build a social support network.

Elders and Disabled:

Hospice of San Juan improves the quality of life of the terminally ill by providing guidance and warm, loving supportive help to the dying person and their family and to keep intact the dignity, integrity and personal choices of the dying person.

25. Lopez Housing Options (LoHO), Hamlet House

Nonprofit LOHO provides safe, affordable housing for Lopez seniors, through two distinct programs. The Hamlet House is an adult family home which serves six residents needing 24-hour care. The Hamlet Cottages offer 14 independent living cottages. Both programs offer discounted rent to seniors with limited financial means. 

26. Orcas Senior Center, Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands, administered by the Orcas Island Senior Center, recruits and trains volunteers to provide practical and emotional support to assist isolated, frail, ill, elderly or disabled adults. They aid recipients in maintaining independence and improving their quality of life. This assistance is often a key factor in enabling an elder to continue to live in his or her home.

27. Washington Vocational Services, Integrated Communities (Countywide)

WVS has provided services to persons with disabilities since 1976. WVS meets the needs of rural communities by identifying strengths, interests and abilities of individuals that match local business needs, reducing barriers and creating opportunities.

28. Whatcom Council on Aging, San Juan Senior Nutrition Program

Helps seniors maintain independence and helps eliminate senior hunger by providing nutritionally balanced meals to seniors on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands. This includes home delivered meals to the housebound senior (Meals on Wheels) and community meals at local senior centers.

Community Resources:
29. San Juan Shuttle Service, Round Towner
San Juan Islands Shuttle System’s mission is to provide free or affordable transportation for senior citizens, people with disabilities and the rural general public in the San Juan Islands. 

This Lopez Island FM community radio station is a donor-supported, all volunteer run, non-profit organization. They are dedicated to providing access to local music, news and public affairs, as well as providing a creative outlet for expression and exploration and ideas in the community.

A fresh food program run by volunteers, Lopez Fresh supplements nonperishable items from the food bank.  It has a refrigerator and produce bins for items like potatoes and apples.  It is stocked with donations from local grocers and store-bought dairy items.